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Tingling Arms or Neck Pains Could Spell Trouble

Back Disc Pain Specialist Tyler Texas TXDid you know that you have a stiff disc with a jelly-like inside between each of the vertebrae in your spine?

These provide a cushion of cartilage that enables your body to take on a load and spread it out throughout the spine. They also enable the spine to flex so that you can go about your day-to-day activities. As your body bends, twists and reaches out, these discs continually change their shape.

Talk about miraculous!

But over time our discs begin to slowly break down. A damaged disc makes us lose some of our flexibility. When this happens, our discs begin to squeeze out some of their soft inner core. This can put pressure on the surrounding nerves, making us feel back or neck pain, tingling or numbness in our arms, or a screeching pain down one or both of our legs. In severe cases, we can even do damage to the spinal cord.

As we age, our discs get dry and brittle and can no longer cushion the vertebrae. As a result, we can form bony spurs that cause pressure on the nearby nerves – making them narrower. We call this degenerative disc disease spinal stenosis.

If the outer layer of a disc in our neck tears, the inner jelly-like layer can herniate or “rupture.” A ruptured disc or herniated disc can cause pain that radiates into the shoulders or arms. If the disc is in our lower back, we can feel pain radiating down our hip and leg.

Here are some common disc problems that Dr. Danielson can treat:

  • Ruptured disc
  • Herniated disc
  • Slipped disc
  • Sciatica (leg pain from disc)

Some of the ways we may treat disc problems include:

  • Asking you to modify your activities
  • Teaching you about body mechanics and to put them to best use
  • Physical therapy, including exercise
  • Advising a weight control program
  • Giving you medications to control pain or relax your muscles

Dr. Danielson of  Tyler, Texas (TX) rarely operates on disc disorders, but if a patient has not responded well to the treatments above over a period of 6-12 weeks, he may recommend disc replacement or other surgery.

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