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Pain in the body’s longest and widest nerve

Say, “sai-AT-ti-ka”

Sciatica Nerve Pain Doctors Tyler Texas TXDid you know that your spinal column is made up of three parts? They include:

  • Vertebrae (the spine’s individual bones that help to protect surrounding nerves)
  • The nerves
  • Discs (These help to cushion each vertebra and allow the spine to bend freely).

The sciatic nerve is long and wide and runs from the low back, though the buttocks region and down to just below the knees. When something pushes a disc out of place temporarily, it bulges – putting pressure on the sciatic nerve. We call the mild or severe pain this causes “sciatica.”

Doctors identify two forms of sciatica:

  1. Acute (lasts between 4 – 8 weeks)
    Acute sciatica rarely requires a doctor, as someone who suffers can treat their own symptoms with over-the-counter pain tablets, hot or cold packs and gentle exercise.
  2. Chronic (lasts longer than 8 weeks)
    Healing chronic sciatica always requires a doctor’s help. Dr. Danielson may recommend physical therapy (including exercise), applying heat, or other techniques. In very rare cases, he may recommend surgery.


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