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Beware of Laser Surgery!

If a surgeon or chiropractor tells you that you need laser surgery, you should get a second opinion.

Now it’s true that lasers are God’s gift to eyes because they really cut soft tissue well. But laser surgery for backs does not work and never did. Laser surgery might sound fancy, but consider these two questions…

  1. Does it make sense for a doctor to use lasers to cut through disc tissue when tweezing a disc fragment to stop it from pressing on a nerve is quicker, easier and far less dangerous?
  2. For instance, did you know that discs sit so close to your nerve roots that a doctor using a laser could actually damage your spine permanently?

We’re guessing you don’t want to take that chance…

       “But what about my spinal stenosis,” you ask?

The simple answer is that a surgeon can’t cut bone with a laser, so he can’t help you there. If you absolutely must check out the procedure, make sure that the surgeon doing it is board certified. And if he or she says they take cash only payments, beware!

We strongly suggest that you consult our office for a second opinion, in either case.

Dr. Danielson can help you in a number of ways…

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